Chanticleer                                                            Manager:  Melinda Rogers 706-663-7878

                                                                                                     and her store mascot pictured below

     Always a resource for the elegant and unusual, Chanticleer has

recently undergone a bit of an evolution.  While retaining the 

traditional and continental style with elegant furniture, mirrors,

paintings, and accessories, we have introduced a broader range

of gift and decorative items.

     Chanticleer offers  a variety of guest towels, napkins, and

decorative pillows.    

     A wonderful selection of candles and diffusers, including

Archipelago, Hill House and Aromatique provide the customer with

a broad range of choices.

Perhaps the most popular recent addition is the Charles

Viancin line of silicon lids which are microwavable and air 

tight--replacing plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

 Call us at 706-663-7878 and we'll gift wrap and ship your gift.   


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